Acceptable id

 a)   California State Driver's License
b)   Any other State Driver's License
c)    Canadian Driver's License
d)   Mexican Driver's License
e)   California Identification Card
f)    Any other State Identification Card
g)   Employee ID card issued by a State, County or City Agency
h)   Identification card issued by any branch of the Armed Forces
i)    A passport issued by the Department of State of the United States
j)    A passport issued by a foreign government which must be stamped by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.   (The USCIS stamp is adequate to meet this requirement)
k)    An inmate identification card issued by the Department of Corrections, if the inmate is in custody (Not an ID bracelet)
l)    Two Credible Witnesses (Note that credible witnesses must know the signer, provide valid ID and have no financial interest in the document to be notarized.

UNAcceptable id

 a)    International Driver's License
b)    Permanent Resident Card
c)    Social Security Card
d)    Wedding Certificate
e)    Birth Certificaate
f)    Student ID